For Researchers

St James’s Hospital Cancer Biobank is based in the Department of Histopathology at St. James Hospital. At St James Hospital Cancer Biobank, we promote the collection, storage, and release to academic and industry researchers of cancer tissue and matching normal tissue, using The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) best practice procedures. The Sample Application Policy is based on those of international biobanks.

St James’s Hospital Cancer Biobank is in partnership with the renowned university Trinity College Dublin for research and development and links with consumers of pharmaceutical companies and maintains partnership in academic and clinical research advancements with institutions. This ties with projects and charities alongside the National Irish Cancer Registry and Breast Predict.

A dedicated BIMS has been developed in a partnership between Biobank Ireland Trust and SuprTecBox. Work on the web portal, to display coded information on FF and FFPE samples and linked data for researchers, has commenced. The BIMS will be used by the other network biobanks and is being used by the Blood Cancer Network Ireland group. This will enable all researchers to access the database and request samples and data.

Further information for Beaumont Hospital will be available soon.

Further information for Cork University Hospital will be available soon.

Further information for University Hospital Galway will be available soon.