Biobank Warriors

Help Fastrack Medical Research to Diagnosis & New Treatments.

A Biobank Warrior is anyone who helps raise funds to support the work of Biobank Ireland in our war against cancer through developing a nationwide network of Biobanks for medical research and improved treatment.

Most cancer patients want something to happen with their samples. They want to contribute to finding the answers, developing the treatments and the drugs that will help people with cancer live longer and healthier lives. This is why our volunteer fundraisers, or Biobank Warriors, some of whom are cancer survivors, are so passionate about what we do.

Nevertheless, the simple truth is that new cancer trials will not happen unless biobanking is available. This infrastructure is critical.

There are many ways to help

By organising or participating in any fundraising activity from a golf event, walks, runs, marathons, triathlons, quiz nights or whatever way you feel you can get involved!

To organise your fundraiser contact us directly via email

How Biobank is Changing lives
Gerry’s Message

A message from volunteer Gerry Fitzsimons one of our biobank warriors