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Our mission is to make samples available to develop more effective treatments and tests for cancer through an increased understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the initiation of each patient’s cancer, its spread, and its response or resistance to treatment.

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, it was the first time I heard of biobanking. When I learned I was going to have surgery to remove the large tumour, I signed the consent form to allow a sample to be donated to Biobank Ireland Trust for approved cancer research projects.

Patient Dublin, Ireland.

I am very thankful that a sample from my breast tumour was given to Biobank Ireland Trust, as the nurse explained to me that they facilitate the collection and storage of cancer tissue samples while simultaneously facilitating research, which will lead to improved cancer diagnosis and treatment for other patients like me.

Patient Dublin, Ireland.

The Biobank resource represents essential infrastructure to enable researchers such as myself to study cancers, which will lead to new insights that will drive improvements in patient care.

Researcher Dublin, Ireland.

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23rd April, 2020

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On the 12th March, I first became aware of this new term, social distancing. Little did I think when I left the office that day, that I would not return for an unknown number of weeks. It was not difficult to adapt to a changed work schedule. Rather than a twice-weekly 5.15 am rise to catch an early morning train to Dublin, I now spread my working...

19th March, 2019

Opinion: Irish Health Research and Public Benefit

The new Health Research Regulations (HRR), August 2018 (part of the Irish Data Protection Act, May 2018), in response to the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require that patients give explicit consent for the use of their non-personal data in new medical research projects. However, a unique feature of the HRR is that if a research project is considered...