What We Do?

Our mission is to make samples available to develop more effective treatments and tests for cancer through an increased understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the initiation of each patient’s cancer, its spread, and its response or resistance to treatment.

What is a Biobank?

Step 1

Patient gives consent for sample to be taken.

Step 2

Laboratory staff analyse the sample.

Step 3

Sample is stored in a freezer/ freezer farm.

Step 4

Sample is logged into a database while anonymising the patient data.

Step 5

Researchers engage with Biobank Ireland for samples they need.

Step 6

This research is used to help develop treatment and drugs.

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How Biobanking is Changing lives
Gerry's Message

A message from volunteer Gerry Fitzsimons one of our biobank warriors

Prof. Sean Hynes

A message from one of Biobank's directors, Prof. Sean Hynes